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Zahat brut Turbinado.

Raw (brown) sugar is a substitute for refined sugar that is now also found in Romania. It is similar to regular sugar but considerably darker in color and with a more irregular shape. For cakes, cakes or other sweets, raw sugar behaves the same as usual but has a lower melting point, makes less foam and is much healthier than refined sugar.

Cane sugar is therapeutically recommended in fat-free, salt-free, vegetarian-free, gluten-free diets, in regenerating and vitalizing diets, in herbal or tincture treatments. Cane sugar can also be consumed during fasting or fasting periods. Christian.

Specialist studies have already shown the negative effects generated by the consumption of refined white sugar. It can be used to sweeten all foods and culinary preparations that require sweetening, without changing their specific flavor. Thus, you can add brown sugar in tea, milk, chicory coffee, cakes, creams and much more.

Brown sugar should always be on your shopping list to use as a sweetener instead of white.

One of the arguments that tilts the balance in favor of this type is the content of molasses, a product rich in vitamins and minerals, including calcium, iron, potassium and magnesium, obtained by processing cane. The more refined the sugar, like white sugar, the lower the amount of molasses contained. The color of brown sugar is given by the presence of molasses. Therefore, the darker the sugar, the healthier it is.

Here are some other strengths:

1. A special, better taste, also due to the aroma given by the cane molasses.
2. Does not contain preservatives, dyes or food additives.
3. It has fewer calories than white

No matter how tasty and beneficial it is, even brown sugar (also called raw) must be consumed in moderation. It is contraindicated for diabetics, people with weight problems and children (it creates hyperactivity).

The information presented on this site is for educational purposes and should not be used to prevent, diagnose, treat or cure any disease. They are offered to guide the consumer, do not replace the advice of a doctor and / or another specialist, do not replace the treatments and medications prescribed by authorized medical personnel.

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