Herbal tea - all good!

"There is a medicinal plant for every suffering" - as the saying goes.
In the "All-Good" product group, the ancient remedies, traditional remedies and therapeutic qualities of medicinal plants are passed on to the next generations.

Mother nature helps us again !!!

Seven assortments of delicious herbal blends - under the name "All are Good!" - are presented in packaging with a superb illustration. Not just a visual delight, this group of products "All are Good!" takes you to the lands of ancient, traditional remedies to remind you of the importance and qualities of Mother Nature. These teas are packaged in double filter sachets to give you full flavor through the abundance of herbs used.

We also present "Try it! It's all good!" - the product that contains from each of the seven wonderful assortments, sachets, so you have at hand a variety for any suffering with the magnificent plant mixtures "All are Good!", SONNENTOR brand.

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