Colloidal-ionic gold and platinum

A symbol of knowledge and immortality, in direct correspondence with the Sun, present in the structure of human DNA, gold has been added to their diet for thousands of years to achieve the deepest possible physical, mental and spiritual balance.
The oldest attestations of the use of gold in medicine come from Alexandria-Egypt since 5000 years ago. They believed that gold is a mystical metal that represents the perfection of matter, and that its presence in the body would revitalize, rejuvenate and cure a multitude of diseases and restore perfect health. In Indian medicine Ayurveda (Life Science), gold is known as Bhasma (Golden Ash), being considered authentic and used after passing "non-becoming" (ie the inability to become metal again by metallurgical means). The ancient Ayurvedic treatise Rasa Jala Nidhi says: “Gold is soothing, pure, nourishing, healing of poison, phthisis, madness and other diseases. (...) Gold increases vitality, wealth, beauty, intelligence and memory. It destroys all kinds of diseases, protects from the evil influences exerted on human beings, is an aphrodisiac and gives birth to happiness. Prevents senility, memory loss and loss of consciousness. It also harmonizes the body, develops the mind and increases semen. ” Vaidya Bhagwan Dash writes in his contemporary work on Ayurveda: "Golden Bhasma ... is an aphrodisiac, heart tonic, promoter of sight, intellect, and rejuvenation. It counteracts toxic poisons and restores skin tone." Under the heading Indications he writes: "It gives longevity, memory and supports youth. It helps in treating severe types of fever, especially chronic fever, nervous disorders, heart disease, tuberculosis, voice disorders, schizophrenia, epilepsy, hysteria, bronchitis, asthma. , chronic diarrhea, severe anemia and cancer. " (Dash, Vaidya Bhagwan: Alchemy and Metallic Medicines in Ayurveda, New Delhi 1986, Concept Publishing, p.107). The ancients appreciated gold primarily because of its connection with the Sun, seeing in this metal the balance between Spirit and Matter. In the Middle Ages the so-called "golden water" was very popular. Alchemists mixed gold dust in water to treat arthritis. "Aurum potabile" is a medieval elixir, considered by the famous alchemist Paracelsus (1493 - 1541) as being able to cure all diseases, to keep the body indestructible, having regenerating and rejuvenating properties. In the 19th century and even today, colloidal gold is used in the United States to eliminate addiction to alcohol, drugs, caffeine and nicotine. Also in America since 1885 gold is recognized for its ability to heal heart damage and improve blood circulation. It is also known to cure arthritis through gold treatments. Europeans have used golden pills and "Golden Water" for more than 100 years. Around 1900, surgeons implanted a piece of gold near an inflamed joint to reduce pain and heal it. . For more than a century now, gold has also been known for its role in maintaining heart health, improving blood circulation, and toning weakened organs. In 1927, a medical study conducted in France, proved that gold is very useful for treating joint health problems, so since then it is used continuously in chrysotherapy. In July 1935 the journal "Clinical, Medicine & Surgery" had an article entitled "Colloidal Gold in Inoperable Cancer" by Edward H. Ochsner, quoted: "When Conditions Become Hopeless Colloidal Gold helps prolong life and make it more bearable for both patients and caregivers. Reiner Moll, head of the research team at the "Privatinstitut für Naturheilweisen Arkanum" - Bavaria, although skeptical at first, after a year of application was really pleased with the effects, which describes them as: increasing vital tone and resistance to various diseases, stimulating the body's regenerative function. treated both internally and externally, colloidal gold treatment in over 70 patients suffering from various diseases, such as: mental disorders (depressive states), disorders of the circulatory system, upper respiratory tract disorders, functional disorders of the digestive tract, addiction alcohol, arthritis, burns, open wounds. The success was remarkable, the researcher stating that the solution behaves as a "catalyst for the body's regeneration and purification of toxins." It is also used in surgery to repair damaged vessels, nerves, bones and membranes. The homeopathic remedy "Aurum metallicum" has been used successfully in treating patients in a suicidal mental state.
In China even today, rice is still cooked with a gold coin placed in the pot to restore minerals in the body, and pretentious restaurants use 24-carat gold "leaves" to prepare the best dishes. In both India and Japan, cakes are served in thin sheets of gold, being considered a precious delicacy.

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