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Sometimes there are important things around us such as the functioning of our own body and what happens to it when we eat food, other times we have things around us that we consume with our eyes without realizing how much harm we can do with our hand. . When we buy an electronic device the first thing that interests us is how it works, but how do we work? Has your operating manual been read at least once? What happens to us humans and our diet? How resistant is the body to everything we offer it? There are thousands of questions that we should know the answer to each of us! Let's discover all this information together and enjoy eternal health! Read more .

Cosmetic products


aqua, glycerin, Olea europea oil, Cannabis sativa seed oil, mel, bee venom, ammonium acryloydildimethyltaurate 1,7%

We, CasaBIO, the largest store in Cluj-Napoca with food necessary for Api-nutrition - a variant of prevention and proper nutrition, we are always waiting for you with over 5000 products, all certified organic and natural.

We think it is good to know that all the products have been tested and consumed by the CasaBIO team and we are the first to appreciate them.

We organize, with the help of the Health Association with CasaBIO, training courses for beekeepers to obtain products with maximum therapeutic qualities, training courses for all those who want to benefit from a healthy diet, based on applicable principles that we discovered after May more than 15 years of testing. The concept of API-NUTRITION is among the most important discoveries in the field of proper nutrition, because through API-NUTRITION the body receives everything it needs to sustain itself and stay healthy.

We are the store with the largest diversity of ROMANESTI bee products in the country. Various sorts of BIO honey, ROMANIAN raw pollen, ROMANESCUS royal jelly, ROMANESQUE raw pasture, ROMANESCAN apilarnil, QUEEN'S LARVA, BOTTLE OPENING, OPENING, bee venom, over 10 varieties of honey - from nature you can find them "directly" CasaBIO apiary and there are sorts of RAW honey (RAW HONEY), UNHEATED, NATURALLY CRYSTALLIZED !!!

Propolisers for cars and homes, but also for public places such as schools and kindergartens are a great benefit for our health and that of our children - effective in respiratory diseases.

Cooking becomes a great pleasure through specific equipment that makes our work easier: fruit and vegetable dryer, electric and programmable smart pot that also bakes bread, household mill, germinator, manual and electric chlorophyll screw juicer, seed and oil milk machine , fruit and vegetable cleaner and dryers.

Air purifiers help us breathe pleasant air at home or at work.

In order to maintain our health, our collaborating doctors recommend a simple and correct diet that is the basis for maintaining health and disease prevention. Equally important are the mental and emotional health provided by unconditional love, as well as daily physical activity.

We look forward to you being part of the API-healthy family!


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