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Sometimes there are important things around us such as the functioning of our own body and what happens to it when we eat food, other times we have things around us that we consume with our eyes without realizing how much harm we can do with our hand. . When we buy an electronic device the first thing that interests us is how it works, but how do we work? Has your operating manual been read at least once? What happens to us humans and our diet? How resistant is the body to everything we offer it? There are thousands of questions that we should know the answer to each of us! Let's discover all this information together and enjoy eternal health! Read more .



    sea buckthorn oil, hemp oil, olive oil , herbs extracts, capsicum, bee venom

Apply 2 times per day with a light massage on the varicosis area.


       sea buckthorn oil, olive oil, hemp oil and propolis


     sea buckthorn oil, olive oil, hemp oil and propolis


aqua, glycerin, Olea europea oil, Cannabis sativa seed oil, mel, bee venom, ammonium acryloydildimethyltaurate 1,7%


Water, cold pressed cannabis sativa oil, Capsicum Annuum extract, bee venom, glycerin

Way of ussage:

Apply a thin layer 3-5 times / day on the painful area. It is absorbed quickly and completely. After application, wash your hands, please.

Ingredients: water, olive oil, hemp oil, glycerin, propolis tincture

Way of ussage:

    Apply 3 times / day or as needed to moisturize or soften the hands.

It is absorbed quickly and completely, leaving the skin soft and velvety.


     cocoa butter, propolis


     cocoa butter, royal jelly, rose essential oil


Solid cream that moisturizes and protects the anal and vaginal mucosa. Soothes inflammation and accelerates the re-epithelization process in case of fissures, haemorrhoids or vaginal irritation. Nourishes and moisturizes the vaginal mucosa in case of dryness or menopause.


     cocoa butter, royal jelly

Administration: 1-2 pcs/day applied intrarectally or intravaginally for 5 days, after local cleaning


Solid cream that moisturizes and protects the anal and vaginal mucosa. Soothes inflammation and accelerates the re-epithelization process in case of fissures, haemorrhoids or vaginal irritation. Nourishes and moisturizes the vaginal mucosa in case of dryness or menopause.

Beneficial for potency and prostate.


     cocoa butter, apilarnil, propolis, pollen

Administration: 1-2 pcs/day applied intrarectally or intravaginally for 5 days, after local cleaning


Solid cream that moisturizes and protects the anal and vaginal mucosa. Soothes inflammation and accelerates the re-epithelization process in case of fissures, haemorrhoids or vaginal irritation. Nourishes and moisturizes the vaginal mucosa in case of dryness or menopause.


     cocoa butter, royal jelly, propolis, pollen

Administration: 1-2 pcs/day applied intrarectally or intravaginally for 5 days, after local cleaning


Romanian royal jelly, harvested from natural wax barrels, 72 hours after the transfer of the larvae for 1 or 2 days, clean product, without additives.

The content in 10HDA is minim 2%, the 18 essential amino acids, the B vitamin (including B5 and B12) complex gives an exceptional nutritional value to royal jelly, and the fact that it is Romanian adds value!

It is stored in the refrigerator for a maximum of 6 months, at a temperature of 2-4 degrees C and it is recommended to consume it as soon as possible after harvesting. Of for long time you can stored direct in frozen and is available 2 years.  

The therapeutic effects are remarkable! We list only a few: good antiviral, antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, physical and mental tonic, antianemic, antidepressant, rejuvenates, increases cold resistance, restores liver cells, helps restore hormonal balance after giving up contraceptives, adjuvant in the treatment of sterility, improves impulse transmission (good benefit for Alzheimer's and Parkinson's patients).

For therapeutic schemes please follow the advice of the specialist Doctor in Api-therapy:

Queen larvae contains the natural coenzyme Q10 and 10HDA, being ideal for those suffering from stroke or those with low immunity, or other problems related to poor functioning of the circulatory system.

Young bees collect pollen from honey plants, moisten it with honey and nectar and turn it into bee pollen.

Immediately after harvest, beekeepers store it in the freezer.

By freezing, pollen retains its nutritional, therapeutic properties, taste and color.

It is a living food, rich in enzymes, contains all the essential amino acids, lactofermentes, fatty acids, selenium, phytosterols, B-complex vitamins (including B12), vitamin D.

Indications: it is recommended as a food for patients with nutritional deficiencies, with various sexual dysfunctions, cardiovascular diseases, hepatitis, depression, neurosis (by increasing the secretion of endorphins).

It is administered before food 30 minutes, start with 1 teaspoon of pollen, the doses can be increased gradually, depending on the advice of a specialist.

Cures are made for at least 6-8 weeks, but can be consumed for a longer period.

For those who feel that they do not easily digest pollen, please consume it according to the following recipe: 1 teaspoon of pollen + 3 ml of Swedish drops + 200 ml of water + 1 teaspoon of honey.



   water, honey*, pollen*, propolis*, lemon*, grapefruit*, orange*, herbs extract

* from organig farming

Diuretic, lymphatic accelerator.


  water, honey*, pollen*, propolis*, lemon*, elderberry flowers*

*from  organic farming


       water, honey, pollen, lemon, propolis, coriander extract


    water, honey, bee pollen, lemon, propolis

Consume within 8 hours of opening.

Source of vitamin C, D and Zinc.



Water, honey, lemon, pollen, propolis, plant extract

Tonic, energizing, diuretic, blood pressure regulator.


Water, honey, pollen, lemon, grapefruit, propolis, plant extract

Tonic, energizing, lymphatic purifying, diuretic.


    honey, raw pollen, swedish bitter, essential oil of grapefruit

Administration: 2 teaspoons / day for adults and 1 teaspoon / day for children at least 15 minutes before breakfast

Mix well before consumption.

Store in the refrigerator after opening.

    honey, raw pollen, propolis tincture, coriander tincture

Administration: 2 teaspoons / day for adults and 1 teaspoon / day for children at least 15 minutes before breakfast

Mix well before consumption.

Store in the refrigerator after opening.

    linden honey, linden bee pollen, sweedish bitter
Usage: 2 teaspoons / day for adults and 1 teaspoon / day for children - atleast 15 minutes before breakfast Mix well before consumption. Store in the refrigerator after opening


hawthorn honey, hawthorn pollen, hawthorn tincture, Swedish drops, Antioxidant, Cordphyt


1 spoon a day for adults; 1 teaspoon a day for children - 15 minutes before breakfast with a big glass of wather 

Store at room temperature


drone larva, lemon essential oil


2 teaspoons a day for adults; 1 teaspoon a day for children - 15 minutes before breakfast.

Store in the freezer.


     honey, pollen, apilarnil, propolis, grapefruit


     honey, pollen, apilarnil, propolis, coriander, grapefruit



      honey, bee bread, apilarnil, propolis, lemon


raw honey, royal jelly, lemon essential oil


1-2 teaspoon 2 times/day


Raw honey, soft propolis extract 5%


1 teaspoons 4 times / day 

It can be dissolved in worm vegetable milk: (rice, hemp oats .....)


- raw honey, raw bee bread, lemon essential oil



   1-2 teaspoons 2 times / day 30 minutes before meals

For children: 1-2 teaspoons a day 30 minutes before meals


Through introduction new generations of appliances, EZIDRI FD 1000 DIGITAL, from Hydraflow INDUSTRIES LIMITED introduced on the market a family of products which surpass any other product existing in the field , so far. No other uscăto r has not those technologies, specific century 21 , with which can produce with ease food dry of quality superior nutrition, tasty, nutritious and WITHOUT USE AREA OF PRESERVATIVES OR additive with the help of high- performance technology .

Device in the itself It is friendly User, temperature it may be adjust of to 30 degrees C to 70 degrees C with the help of their buttons by repeated touch , being indicated by a clear , visible display . Also, it can regulate the operating time of the machine, from one hour to 48 or E, and after 48 hours automatically switch on at 30 degrees C, and is equipped with a program m of anti - hydration, the dried product is impossible to rehydrate with moisture in the air.

Technical parameters

Drying uniform as precise course, the whole of a microprocessor is a PLD (Program Logic Device mmable) EZIDRI technical solution, that is to say with a stream of drying air heated at the floor and in the floor surface and the openings for air at the end of recir with etajelo r lari, making it possible to expand the capacity of the radiator and the material 30 floors. Thus EZIDRI FD 1000 DIGITAL has technical properties that allow fast, uniform drying with minimum energy consumption.

EZIDRI FD 1000 DIGITAL is the most economical dryer available on the market because the materials used in its manufacture are of exceptional quality, and the strictest quality standards are observed in the manufacturing process. This model has a 24-month warranty period.

EZIDRI FD 1000 DIGITAL consists of: a base , 5 floors, a sieve, an inner flat tray and the lid. The package also contains the user manual in Romanian. For drying rolls of fruit, meat and soups the maximum recommended number of trays is 15. If we dry fruits, vegetables and slices of meat then a maximum of 25 floors is recommended , and for medicinal plants, herbs, flowers can be uses 30 floors . This does not mean that it cannot be dried regularly on 30 floors, only that the drying will not be perfectly uniform on the last floors .

As this model is equipped with an electronic thermostat, the average energy consumption per hour, in an average drying cycle of 12 hours, corresponds to half the nominal power of the appliance in the case of EZIDRI FD 1000 DIGITAL. Hence , it is more economical to dry several food trays simultaneously, even though the appliance works with a single tray, but the energy consumption is the same in both cases. In the event of a power failure: after the power failure, the EZIDRI ULTRA FD 1000 resumes its previously set cycle.

FLOORS: a layer of approx. 0.5 cm of what we want to dry can be placed on the floor. Then sits on Ste base of the appliance first floor containing a tray payment Interio r, to prevent entry into the apparatus of liquids or pieces of food that we want to uscam, then sits floors, each other and cover at the end with the lid.

FLEXIBLE SIEVE: The sieve can be placed on the floor and due to its flexibility, dry and hardened food can be easily removed. We also recommend using the sieve if you want to dry food cut so small that there is a danger of the chips slipping through the bars .

FLAT TRAY: this is used to prepare fruit rolls , dried meats and soups or juicy fruits. Before use, grease them in a very thin layer with oil , so as to allow the dried fruit to come off the flat tray very easily . It is also recommended to place a tray on the floor when drying marinated meats, when drying medicinal plants, spices and small flowers or with small petals . To dry very juicy fruits, it is recommended to use them to prevent liquids from leaking into the engine compartment, which can cause it to burn.


What does this cooking machine know?

· It has multiple functions: boiling, baking, steam cooking

· Operation is controlled and controlled by a microcomputer

· Each function can be programmed in advance

· It has a high thermal tightness, so the energy saving can reach 60% (compared to the stove) and saves 40% of user time.

· Food is prepared in a completely closed system, so the nutritional value of raw materials is preserved

· The pot has a ceramic inner container in its basic configuration, which makes maintenance easier, and the outer body is made of stainless steel.

· Equipped with a system of maximum confidence:

· The lid locking and opening latch is designed so that it cannot be removed while there is pressure in the container.

· The pressure in the pot is adjusted automatically

· The safety valve in case the maximum permissible pressure value is reached and the pot is disconnected from the supply, so by reducing the heating the pressure can no longer be influenced, it allows the pressure to be regulated by removing steam.

· Removing steam from the edge of the pot is an additional safety measure, which prevents with absolute certainty the "explosion" of the pot. If neither the pressure couplings nor the valve are working (this becomes possible after an undesired drain on the hob and under the hob or an impermissible blockage of the outside of the valve). The steam will come out at the edge of the lid, all around the perimeter, reducing the pressure and protecting the pot.

· Maximum temperature sensor, which instantly interrupts operation if the inner pot is accidentally emptied or this container is not placed in the appliance at all. In these cases the system becomes overheated and the sensor protects it from possible permanent damage if extreme heat reaches the electronic and plastic parts.

· Automatic control of overheating.


Efficient and comfortable, it gives us the opportunity to find fresh daily and in a very short time!

The propolis ionizer releases the benefits of propolis into the air and at the same time reveals the centuries-old knowledge of bees.

Propolis diffuser enriches the air with the antibiotic, antiviral and immunostimulant properties of propolis, helping to protect children and adults from various bacteria and viruses.

A simple, natural and effective way to take care of yourself and your little ones.

Instructions for use
Position the appliance on a flat surface, plug in the power cord, and press the POWER button. A beep will sound. At this point the internal ionizer will activate.
The green ON-OFF LED indicates that the heating process is active.
Each capsule has an operating time of 122 hours. The management of the operating time of a capsule is left to the user's discretion. For example:
-if you use the capsule 8 hours a day, it will last 18 days.
-if you use the capsule 24 hours a day, it will last 6 days.

The end of a complete operating cycle is signaled by the flashing of the ON-OFF LED and a beep every 10 seconds.
At this point, hold down the POWER button for 10 seconds; a continuous beep will be heard until, signaled by an alternate beep, the speaker will be ready to start another cycle; at the end of this operation insert the new capsule.
To activate the ventilation function, you must hold down the POWER button for 5 seconds, the appliance being switched on, each time the appliance is switched off the ventilation function will switch off automatically.
The fan does not work continuously but in alternation with heating.
The system described above has been patented.


The warranty is valid for 24 months
The guarantee consists in the possibility of free replacement of damaged or inefficient parts due to a manufacturing defect accepted by the supplier or by a delegate thereof.
The warranty is not valid if the appliance is not used properly, as indicated above, or if the appliance will be dismantled (even in part) outside the vendor's sales centers.

Supply voltage: 220-240 V
Network frequency: 50 Hz
Energy consumption: max. 15 W
Patent: IT 1240474



Place the speaker on a flat surface:

ü Insert the connector of the power adapter 1 into slot 2, located behind the speaker

ü Plug 3 into the socket, and then press the POWER button

ü Insert the capsule into the tube-shaped hole inside the speaker, as shown in Figure 4, with the open side facing up.

The LED lights up when the speaker is turned on, indicating that the heating process, in alternating phases of the capsule, is in progress.

The ionizer is activated when the speaker is turned on



ü The end of the capsule cycle is indicated by an acoustic signal every 10 seconds, INDICATING THE DEVICE FAILURE, until the clock is reset.

ü Never replace the capsule before the end of the 122-hour cycle, announced by the beep by the device

ü When the 122-hour cycle is complete, a residue of propolis free of active compounds will remain inside the capsule.


1. Turn on the speaker

2. Hold down the power button for about 15 seconds (a continuous sound first, then several successive tones)

3. replace the used capsule with a new one in order to restart the device


propolAir the only way to breathe propolis


The warranty period is 24 months from the date of purchase. The guarantee can only be applied upon presentation of the document certifying the purchase. At the time of purchase, the seller guarantees that the device will work properly if it is managed according to the instructions for use.

The warranty covers the free replacement or repair of defective parts, as confirmed by the seller or by a third party designated by him. The warranty does not extend to parts subject to wear or damage (switch, connecting wires, etc.).

The warranty becomes void if the loudspeaker is not used properly according to the manufacturer's instructions: if it is modified, repaired or disassembled, even partially, outside the manufacturer's or the seller's laboratories and if non-original KONTAK propolis capsules are used

To clarify questions AND RI, spider contact and public relations service to the email address or by phone at 406 405 0264.


VOLTAGE 100-240V - 50/60 Hz

Rated power 5V


Room size: larger than 30m2


This apartment is NOT household waste. Dispose of in accordance with local regulations. The user is responsible for disposing of the device in dedicated locations.


ü Do not use the appliance outdoors. Keep it away from heat, direct sunlight and moisture. Do not use the appliance with wet hands.

ü To clean the unit, it is necessary to disconnect the electricity without pulling the cord and use a damp cloth as needed.

ü Periodically check the device and the power cord for damage. Do not use the appliance if it has fallen to the ground or into water and is damaged. In the above cases, contact the seller.

ü Keep the appliance out of the reach of children. Children are not recommended to play with this appliance.

ü Do not insert anything other than the Kontak propolis capsules that sit in the hole above the device.

ü Risk of burns! Do not touch the hot parts! To replace the capsule, wait until the device has cooled down.


SC CasaBIO cu santé SRL, J12 / 650/2009, RO 25305418

Str. Republicii, Nr. 5, Cluj-Napoca, 0264 406405, ,

The Propolair diffuser enriches the atmosphere of the room by diffusing propolis particles in the air that offer antibiotic, antiviral and immune protection.

The PropolAir diffuser spreads the volatile fraction of complete and selective propolis. The diffusers heat the propolis to the melting point of the wax fraction and then bring it to the optimum temperature to release the volatile fraction.

A simple and effective way to take care of our well-being simply by breathing.

It has a real wood finish; they are ideal for any environment: offices, waiting rooms, shops and public places.

They have the same operating characteristics and efficiency as the basic speakers.

They are available in three colors: natural wood, wenge and cherry.

A simple, natural and effective way to take care of yourself and your little ones.

The design of the Mythos glass, as well as the entire TC glassware, is done
in accordance with the natural laws of the "proportion of gold." This mathematical model
- found everywhere in nature - is often referred to as “geometry
sacred ”because it is the geometry of Life. The Mythos glass grows
the biological value of the water and other beverages that are put into it,
significantly improving their taste and refreshing them.
It is designed for intensive and safe daily use in cold drinks and
those that are hot, such as tea and coffee, for both children and people
suffering. It can also be used successfully in public places. Shape in three
curves and perfect center of gravity have the effect that the glass
Mythos does not overturn.

At the base of the glasses, carafes and on the energy plates the symbol "Flower of Life" is applied by burning at high temperature; its presence impregnates the transformed water in the shape of a carafe with new properties: the 23.8 k gold one supports the immune system; the rainbow color is recommended for children and brings joy; the white one is for general everyday use.


We, CasaBIO, the largest store in Cluj-Napoca with food necessary for Api-nutrition - a variant of prevention and proper nutrition, we are always waiting for you with over 5000 products, all certified organic and natural.

We think it is good to know that all the products have been tested and consumed by the CasaBIO team and we are the first to appreciate them.

We organize, with the help of the Health Association with CasaBIO, training courses for beekeepers to obtain products with maximum therapeutic qualities, training courses for all those who want to benefit from a healthy diet, based on applicable principles that we discovered after May more than 15 years of testing. The concept of API-NUTRITION is among the most important discoveries in the field of proper nutrition, because through API-NUTRITION the body receives everything it needs to sustain itself and stay healthy.

We are the store with the largest diversity of ROMANESTI bee products in the country. Various sorts of BIO honey, ROMANIAN raw pollen, ROMANESCUS royal jelly, ROMANESQUE raw pasture, ROMANESCAN apilarnil, QUEEN'S LARVA, BOTTLE OPENING, OPENING, bee venom, over 10 varieties of honey - from nature you can find them "directly" CasaBIO apiary and there are sorts of RAW honey (RAW HONEY), UNHEATED, NATURALLY CRYSTALLIZED !!!

Propolisers for cars and homes, but also for public places such as schools and kindergartens are a great benefit for our health and that of our children - effective in respiratory diseases.

Cooking becomes a great pleasure through specific equipment that makes our work easier: fruit and vegetable dryer, electric and programmable smart pot that also bakes bread, household mill, germinator, manual and electric chlorophyll screw juicer, seed and oil milk machine , fruit and vegetable cleaner and dryers.

Air purifiers help us breathe pleasant air at home or at work.

In order to maintain our health, our collaborating doctors recommend a simple and correct diet that is the basis for maintaining health and disease prevention. Equally important are the mental and emotional health provided by unconditional love, as well as daily physical activity.

We look forward to you being part of the API-healthy family!


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