Hildegard teas

Hildegard von Bingen, one of the most famous women of the Middle Ages, sec. XII., Had a vision of a healthy lifestyle.

The healing power of plants played an important role in her "spiritual enlightenment," Hildegard being a noble woman, with the goal of learning as much as possible about plants and herbs, and passing on this knowledge. He founded two monasteries, trained the nuns in herbal therapy and put this knowledge on paper. Even today, these descriptions play an extremely important role. Her belief was that God had left a cure for absolutely any suffering. Nature, in his opinion, is the perfect pharmacy at man's fingertips.

SONNENTOR gives you an overview of the formulas and resources used by this remarkable healer of the Middle Ages. Most of these recipes are based on the original compositions she described. Some compositions are adapted today (due to changes in plant compositions over time).

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