Organic wholemeal pasta

They are part of our healthy diet.

Wholemeal flour, obtained from grinding whole grains, preserves all the qualities of cereal. Refined white flour is much poorer in nutrients.

1. Whole wheat and organic spelled pasta

Wholemeal pasta is rich in fiber (thus satisfying the feeling of hunger), B vitamins, minerals (copper, zinc, magnesium).

In the CasaBio store there are assortments of spelled pasta in the dough of which various ingredients have been added to give them a refined taste: celery, beets, parsnips, spinach, basil, leeks, carrots.

2. Wholemeal pasta from organic rice and corn

They are high in fiber and can be eaten by people with gluten intolerance.  

How do they cook?

Boil in enough water (so as not to stick to the pot), without a lid, add a little salt, stir from time to time. After draining the water in which they boiled, do not rinse.

They can be prepared with stewed fresh vegetables, tomato sauce, olive oil and spices.

We can quickly cook a nutritious and delicious breakfast: over the cooked wholemeal pasta we add a cream prepared in a blender of nuts, almonds, cinnamon, warm water and honey.

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