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EZIDRI digital FD 1000 dryer for fruits, vegetables, plants, pollen, etc.

EZIDRI digital FD 1000 dryer for fruits, vegetables, plants, pollen, etc.


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The new generation of EZIDRI FD 1000 DIGITAL machines makes it easy to produce nutritious, tasty, nutritious dry food without preservatives or additives using high-performance technology.

It contains:

  • a base
  • 5 shelves
  • a sieve
  • an inner flat tray
  • a lid

+ user manual

Technical specifications:

  • Model: Ezidri Ultra FD1000 Digital
  • Voltage: 230 - 240V AC 50Hz 1000W
  • Material: Base and trays - Food safe ABS plastic - BPA free
  • Digital temperature control I: Single chip microcomputer/Controlled circuitry - 30°C-70°C
  • Digital time setting: 1-48 hours
  • Tray design: Triple wall insulation
  • Safety features: Element and motor thermal cut-offs
  • Certification: AS/NZ60335.2.9:2014 Incl &60335.1:201 1 Incl A1-4 EN 60335.2.9 CE GSMark
  • Manufacture: PRC. Factory Certified ISO 2000 for Hydraflow Industries Limited, Unit 4/26 Goodshed Road, Upper Hutt 5018, New Zealand

Uniform, accurate drying is provided by a microprocessor and built-in PLD (Programmable Logic Device). Drying is achieved by a heated air stream at the floor surface and below the floor, and through air recirculation vents at the end of the floors.

The dryer is equipped with an anti-hydration programme. When the set programme is complete, it will automatically switch to a temperature of 30°C, making it impossible for the dried product to rehydrate with moisture in the air.

It is possible to significantly expand the capacity of the appliance up to 30 floors. For drying fruit rolls, meat and soups the maximum number of trays recommended is 15. If drying fruit, vegetables and sliced beef then a maximum of 25 trays is recommended, and for herbs, herbs, flowers 30 trays can be used. This doesn't mean that you can't dry regularly on 30 floors, just that drying will not be perfectly even on the last floors.

As this model is equipped with an electronic thermostat, the average energy consumption per hour, in an average drying cycle of 12 hours, corresponds to half of the rated power of the EZIDRI FD 1000 DIGITAL. This makes it more economical to dry several trays of food at the same time, even though the machine operates with only one tray, but the energy consumption is the same in both cases. In case of power failure: after the power failure the EZIDRI ULTRA FD 1000 resumes the previously set cycle.

Flexible tray:

The sieve can be placed on the shelf and thanks to its flexibility, dry and hardened food can be easily removed. We also recommend using the sieve if you want to dry foods cut so finely that there is a danger of pieces slipping through the pan racks.

Flat tray:

This is used when preparing fruit rolls, meats and dried soups or juicy fruit. It is also recommended to place a tray on the shelf when drying herbs, spices and small or petalled flowers. Using these is important to prevent food and liquids from getting into the engine compartment, which can cause the engine to burn.

Warranty period: 24 months

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