Is there anyone who has not heard of the extraordinary effects of the pyramid effect? Did you know that based on it, a multitude of applications have been patented, from the sharpening of razor blades (the invention of a Czech in the '50s) to the greenhouse in Pitești of Mrs. Marioara Godeanu? The pyramid effect was the first to go around the world proving that there is an energy of form. But what would you say if I told you that music also has form and that each chord in itself can generate a certain physical form. This idea came to the Austrian Thomas Chochola, the so-called "clincher". After years of research in the field of music and composition, he managed to develop a completely new design concept: he composed the drawings of TC products on the piano, converted the sounds into measures and was born the aromatic form: the TC Vital carafe. He aimed to apply the proportions of the golden number!

The golden number was known in antiquity by ancient sages, it was then rediscovered in the Middle Ages during the Renaissance by great scholars, artists, philosophers, alchemists or occultists. He always hid great mysteries, not being fully revealed even today, being thus perhaps the most studied irrational number. Today, complex research has come to the conclusion that the whole of nature together with the whole universe is structured so as to faithfully respect the perfect and exact proportion of the golden number, it seems to be the "mathematical" secret of the beauty of Creation. Large ancient buildings such as pyramids or temples and cathedrals also respect the faithful proportion of this golden number. He represents harmony and perfection in creation.
In nature the spiral generated by water (vortices), the movement of spiral air currents, the shell of snails, the arrangement of sunflower petals or leaves and seeds of the plant kingdom retain this perfect proportion showing that in all Creation is manifested the harmony and divine perfection represented by this proportion. This demonstrates the existence of a sphere of consciousness of harmony and beauty existing throughout the universe and guiding it. Applying the proportions of this number we can resonate with the energies of Good and Beauty throughout the Universe and thus harmonize and balance our being on even deep levels.

Also, studying symbolism, Thomas Chochola introduced in his products the symbol "Flower of Life" from sacred geometry. This is one of the most powerful patterns, found in all forms of nature and represents the interconnection of all forms of Life in the Universe. From ancient times, all cultures of the world have known and used it to purify and energize food, because the force emanating from the symbol is transmitted to the environment that resonates with it.


Normal tap water is energetically drained due to three factors that reduce its vitality:

1.) unnaturally high pressure at which it is pumped into pipes

2.) the route followed by pipes

3.) water treatment with all kinds of substances (chlorination, etc.) to become drinkable.

The bottled flat water is equally destructured because the plastic material (which has a sense of rotation of the molecules counterclockwise) consumes its vitality. Basically, the water we have at our disposal is a destructured water - devitalized or in other words, dead. For our health we need water and food that measures the biological value of at least 7,000 Bovis *.

* Bovis (after the name of the French dowser André Bovis (1871–1947)) is a unit of measurement proposed for measuring the vital energy of an object, being, food, etc. A value of 6,500 is considered "neutral", the lower values affecting the human being negatively and the higher ones positively. Values higher than 10,000 are considered to be part of the "etheric scale" (see Wikipedia).

The water transformed into the TC Vital carafe comes alive again: the molecules acquire a sense of clockwise rotation, ie the direction of the expansion of the energy of life so that it can energetically nourish your cells.
The revitalized water reaches the biological value of 25,000 Bovis and maintains your health.
Restructured water helps you eliminate toxins (they rotate counterclockwise), which normal tap water or bottled water cannot do due to loss of vital structure.

In view of the above, Thomas Chochola has created a wider range of products based on the principles listed above.

At the base of the glasses, carafes and on the energy plates the symbol "Flower of Life" is applied by burning at high temperature; its presence impregnates the transformed water in the shape of a carafe with new properties: the 23.8 k gold one supports the immune system; the rainbow color is recommended for children and brings joy; the white one is for general everyday use.

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