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Chickpeas are another wonder food from the long list of foods strongly recommended for a harmonious, balanced and healthy lifestyle. Let's take the example of a cup full of chickpeas, the equivalent of 150 grams. Thus, this amount provides 50% more than the daily requirement of molybdenum (ore essential for health) of the body, 80% of manganese, 70% of folic acid, 50% of fiber, 40% of of tryptophan, 30% of that of protein. Copper, phosphorus and iron are other rich elements in chickpeas.

Like most other grains or beans, chickpeas lower cholesterol through fiber, and prevent the accumulation of sugar in the blood, being a very useful food for people suffering from diabetes or hypoglycemia.

Heart disease can be prevented and the risks are significantly reduced from chickpea consumption, revealed a study done in the United States on a group of people for 20 years. Another function of the body that enjoys chickpea infusion is the function of lowering negative cholesterol, LDL type.

Iron in chickpeas produces energy, and magnesium increases the amount of enzymes that produce antioxidants. If you are thinking about how to give up red meat (and I advise you to do this step as fast as possible), then you can make up for the lost protein intake with chickpeas.

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