Fruit and vegetable dryers

Dry treatment is a very old way of preservation. In the past, these operations were costly in time and labor. Modern housewives can no longer devote as much time and energy to conservation as our great-grandmothers did. But drying is still an economical and practical method today. Where the need for fruits and vegetables is produced in the garden, it is worth storing them for the winter in dry form. For this purpose, the company Hydraflow has developed the EZIDRI family of products for dry fruits and vegetables.

Advantages of drying:
➢ dry products do not take up much space
➢ we can obtain a safe and long-term preservation of the products
➢ no preservatives are used
➢ fruits, vegetables, plants retain their aroma, color, initial nutritional value
➢ significantly reduce electricity consumption costs for food storage (by freezing)

• Dried fruits are very healthy, they can be eaten even by diabetics without any problem.
They can also be used to prepare compotes, cakes or can be served directly on a plate.

• Dried vegetables are also used for several purposes: preserving for the winter, or for excursions, given that they do not take up much space and are light.

➢ with EZIDRI we can also dry the plants used for seasoning, because the plants keep their color and aroma perfectly.
➢ it is recommended to use EZIDRI for drying medicinal plants, because in this way they are protected from dust and retain their properties.
➢ also with the help of EZIDRI you can dry the flowers, bouquets of flowers, or their petals (used for scented baskets).

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