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Permanent ammonia-free hair dye hazelnut 6.35 40+40+20ml

Permanent ammonia-free hair dye hazelnut 6.35 40+40+20ml


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Color & Care is the first permanent dye without ammonia, which intensifies the color, protects, nourishes and confers the resistance of the hair from the first treatment. The 9 certified organic ingredients protect the structure of the hair and give it optimal care and an enviable shine. Organic Argan Oil, Phytokeratin and Provitamin B5 give the hair resistance , moisturize, leaving it silky to the touch. Color & Care offers a complete coverage of white hair.

- based on organic Argan oil -
- Gives the hazelnut shade of light blond hair to light satin / brown . The color intensity lasts 6-8 weeks. The product does not contain PARABENS.


Argan oil, Melissa leaf extract, Rosemary, Green tea leaf, Ginseng root, Hops, Cassia Angustifolia leaf extract (Simichie), Rooibos red tea, Chamomile flower.

1. Before applying the dye to your hair, test it so that you are not allergic! Specialists recommend testing the dye 24 hours before applying it on the hair. Although it may seem like an operation that you can skip because you have been used to painting for a long time, you have no way of knowing how your body will react at a certain time or to a certain product.

2. The hair must be completely dry before applying the dye to obtain the desired results. Put a towel on your shoulders so you don't get your clothes dirty and use the gloves you find in the paint box. It is also good not to wash your hair the day before you dye it so that the dyes penetrate better into the hair.

3. Apply a little Vaseline to the base of the hair. This step is recommended to protect the skin from paint. Comb your hair well to allow the dye to penetrate each strand well.

4. Prepare the color following the instructions on the product. Use a comb to separate your hair into four large sections and fasten it with hairpins. Start applying the paint on the front sections, from the forehead to the back, and from the root to the tips.

5. Spread the dye over the entire surface of the hair with your fingers, until all the hair is well covered. Avoid applying a lot of dye on the tips because they tend to absorb more color and will become darker or lighter than the rest of the hair.

6. Follow the instructions on the box regarding the recommended waiting time (between 25-40 minutes). If you have a lot of white hair, you can wait more than 25 minutes. But keep in mind that if you exceed the limit imposed on the box, you risk burning your hair and scalp.

7. Finally, rinse the bed with cold water. Envelope conditioner in kit paint your hair, but you do not wash your hair. Wait a day or even two to wash your hair, because in this way, the dye will penetrate better into the hair.


The package contains: Color & Care dye tube - 40 ml, Color & Care activator - 40 ml, Instructions for use, Gloves, Color fixing conditioner - 20 ml. For long and / or degraded hair, use 2 dye packs!

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