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FR Api nutrition - a natural way of health promotion and preservation

FR Api nutrition - a natural way of health promotion and preservation


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Api-nutrition - a natural way of health promotion and preservation 

"Api-nutrition is about adding bee products like: honey, honeycomb, raw pollen and bee bread, royal jelly, , queen larva and drone larva to our daily diet to support our body and revitalize our health. ''

It is a concept that we have implemented in our lives for years, with huge benefits that we still enjoy today.

Dr. Mirela Stranț - MF specialist doctor, Api-phyto-aromatherapy competence, Trainer, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Eng. Alina Varadi – nutritionist technician, beekeeper Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Dr. Ramona Grosu - GP doctor, Acupuncture, Api-phyto-aromatherapy, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Dr. Eng. Rodica Mărgăoan – USAMV Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Prof. Dr. Banu Yücel - Ege University, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Animal Sciences, İzmir, TURKEY

Eng. Erkan Topal - Aegean Agricultural Research Institute, Apiculture Section, İzmir, TURKEY

Ana Maria Puscasu – Naturopathic Nutritionist, Association of Complementary Therapists, London, England

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