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Carob tea 300g

Carob tea 300g


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Caffeine-free - gluten-free - natural sweet

100% Carob grown in organic farming system

In addition to its healthy benefits, a drink can be prepared that can be consumed hot or cold as an iced tea. Its preparation is simple: wash the carob well and put 2 tablespoons of carob in a cup of hot water. boil for about 5 minutes then filter. If you prefer cold, put ice in the tea obtained and wait until it cools. Roşcova spreads its sweetness in water and thus no added sugar is needed. On the other hand if you want a sweeter tea use a few drops of our carob syrup to sweeten it.

Then, after boiling, the carob pieces are so soft that you can eat them enjoying a small sweet tea delight. They can also be used for cooking as a garnish.

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