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Sweet, syrupy, sweet rice condiment "Japanese - Rice Mirin" Clearspring. It does not contain sugar or preservatives, being prepared only from rice with a little salt added at the end. Produced in Japan.

"Rice Mirin" is produced by a traditional method of fermenting koji and careful aging for nine months. Sweet rice is used to replace the cheaper starch found as an ingredient in other products on the market.

Fermentation with the help of koji culture increases the bioavailability of nutrients in food (the ratio between the amount of active substance and the rate at which it is released, absorbed into the body, reaches the site of action and manifests its biological effect).

Mirin is one of the most important ingredients of Japanese cuisine, prepared from steamed glutinous rice and mixed with koji and shochu .

  • Koji - rice or soybeans boiled and inoculated with a fermentation culture called Aspergillus oryzae, used to prepare traditional fermented foods such as soy sauce, miso, mirin or sake.
  • Glutinous rice - with a high content of amylopectin, the component of starch that is released from the rice grain during cooking, making it sticky.
  • Shochu - a basic Japanese alcoholic beverage, along with sake, made from rice, cereals or sweet potatoes, with an alcohol content of about 30-40 percent, the key ingredient for mirin.

Ingredients: sweet rice - 35 percent, water, rice (koji), salt.

Recommendations: Mirin is used to sweeten and give depth to the aroma of various dishes.

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