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Apicioco apilarnil with chocolate 215g

Apicioco apilarnil with chocolate 215g


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The mixture of honey, chocolate and apilarnil (drone larvae)

Nourishing, biostimulating, invigorating, regenerating skin

● prevents the formation of wrinkles

● Maintains and nourishes the skin with regenerative action

● Increases concentration and endurance, helps maintain memory

● Influences the amount of prolactin, being recommended in fatigue or stress

Regenerating, energizing, vitalizing being a general tonic (physical and mental)

Regulates immunity (increases resistance to infections) NTI-viral properties

● it is recommended to be consumed postoperatively

● prevents premature aging

specific problems for children


● height growth deficit, child development deficiencies


● infants and children with dystrophy


● school difficulties of children with normal intellect



● enuresis

Because it regulates the hormonal function of the gonads

and increases the number of sperm, improving their mobility

It is recommended to consume in trouble specific male:


Dynamic disorders sexual





No toxicity!

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