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Quinton Hypertonic is a liquid nutritional supplement, extracted from a depth of 30 meters from an oceanic area characterized by phytoplankton and zooplankton vortices, according to a scientific protocol established by French scientist René Quinton 120 years ago. It is double cold micro-filtered, according to the European Pharmacopoeia, without any additives, completely natural. This product has not been exposed during the technological flow at any time to heat or contact with metals, thus preserving its natural therapeutic potential. These strengths make Quinton Hypertonic to be the favorite dietary supplement of pregnant women, newborns and children for 100 years.

Composition :
Seawater, extracted from the ocean from plankton vortex areas, micro-filtered cold. Developed in a sterile environment (GMP), according to the original protocol of physiologist and biologist Rene Quinton.

Packaging : 30 ampoules x 10 ml, oral use.
Packaging in an air-controlled chamber according to ISO class 5, section 5.1.1, Method of preparation of sterile products according to the European Pharmacopoeia, edition 6.

Why is the Quinton Hypertonic used :
It has a unique weight and infinitesimal action, thanks to the 78 elements contained, with a 100% natural bioavailability at the intestinal and cellular level.
Allows efficient rehydration at the cellular level.
It is a natural immune modulator.

To restore the balance of biological fluids of the internal environment (blood, extracellular fluid, lymph) it is recommended:
- First month: 3 ampoules a day (morning, afternoon and evening), before meals.
- Second month: 2 ampoules per day; one in the morning and the other in the afternoon, before lunch.
- Third month: 1 ampoule before breakfast.

Precautions: No contraindications or side effects reported.

"Seawater, due to its osmotic characteristics and slightly basic pH, is a difficult environment for the proliferation of viruses. The osmotic shock they face comes to distort them, so that they lose their function ", say the researchers from the" René Quinton Foundation ". When used for nasal irrigation, seawater (available through Quinton Nazal products) activates mucociliary transport, more precisely the self-cleaning mechanism of the respiratory system. Thus, at the moment of contact of microorganisms with the nasal mucosa, the probability of their invasion and penetration at the epithelial level is reduced.

This finding is not surprising, given that the effectiveness of nasal hygiene with saline has long been demonstrated in various clinical trials. Seawater irrigation is proving to be a fast, simple and effective adjunct in the management of chronic sinus diseases and postoperative nasal care. These studies included both acute and chronic infections of the nose and sinuses. Although a common hygiene measure, seawashing with seawater can be helpful in fighting coronavirus or other opportunistic pathogens.

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