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Originally used by pre-Columbian Mesoamerican populations in central Mexico today, spirulina is one of the oldest life forms on earth. This blue-green microalgae due to the two pigments in its cellular structure - chlorophyll and phycocyanin, respectively, is native to the warm lakes of Africa and Central and South America. Less known to the general public under the botanical name of Arthrospira platensis , spirulina now grows on large areas specially arranged. Its benefits for the human body have been mentioned since antiquity, from Egyptian to Aztec and Mayan civilization, being used for both its medicinal and nutritional properties. Once harvested, spirulina is subjected to a simple processing. It is first transformed into a dense paste which is then left to harden, after which it is ground and marketed in the form of powder or capsules. With an amazing nutritional content (more protein than meat, fish and soy, more beta-carotene than any other food, all 8 essential amino acids, vitamins - including B12, minerals and healthy fats Omega-3 and Omega-6 in a balance excellent 1.5: 1), spirulina is considered to be the most nutritious alga of the over 30,000 species that exist. UNESCO has called it the ideal and most complete food on the planet, while the World Health Organization has classified it as the best food of the 21st century.


  • vitamins A, B1 (thiamine), B2 (riboflavin), B3 (niacin), B5 (pantothenic acid), B12 (choline), D, E, K; calcium, iron (219% of RDA per 100g product), magnesium (55% of RDA per 100g product), manganese (90% of RDA per 100g product), phosphorus, potassium, sodium, zinc
  • antioxidants (chlorophyll, phycocyanin, gamma-linoleic acid, tocopherol)
  • all essential amino acids plus 10 non-essential ones
  • antioxidant specific enzymes (superoxide dismutase, glutathione reductase, catalase)
  • RNA and DNA nucleic acids
  • up to 77% protein dry residue
  • polysaccharides and essential fats


  • protects the body from oxidative stress both at the DNA and cellular level, being a rich source of antioxidants
  • supports the development of healthy lactobacilli in the intestine, allowing the production of vitamin B6, which helps to release energy
  • protects the body's cells and prepares them for the fight against various allergens, stimulating the body's natural ability to defend itself
  • lowers blood triglycerides and "bad" cholesterol (LDL)
  • reduces blood pressure due to the presence of phytocyanin, which has antihypertensive properties
  • helps reduce the problems caused by type 2 diabetes by lowering blood sugar
  • protects the liver and contributes to the regeneration of liver cells
  • has antibacterial and antiviral properties
  • prevents various eye conditions, such as cataracts, myopia or glaucoma
  • supports against the appearance of malignant formations, protects the bone marrow from the effects of irradiation and helps to isolate and destroy cancer cells
  • balances the pH of the body, having an alkalizing effect
  • reduces the feeling of hunger, being recommended in diets
  • allows the optimization of muscle training during training, as well as recovery after exercise, increasing and maintaining muscle mass

PACKAGING: 250 organic tablets (caution in thyroid disorders

Nutritional values / 100g:
Energy: 1712Kj / 409Kcal
Fat: 8.2g of which saturated 3.42g
Carbohydrates: 16.10g of which 0.52g sugars
Protein: 63.50g
Fiber: 7.0g
Salts: 0.451g

* The effects of using the products marketed by Crud and healthy vary from person to person, and they may differ from those described on the site. The information contained herein is for educational purposes only and should not be used to prevent, diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Prior to administration, the advice of a physician is recommended. Do not exceed recommended dose for daily consumption!

* This product does not contain traces of peanuts, peanut oil, sesame, milk and its derivatives, eggs, fish, shellfish, soy, wheat, gluten, genetically modified products or other known allergens.

* May contain naturally occurring sulfites

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