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Natural sweetener from rice malt

Clearspring malt syrups have a rich, velvety taste and a lighter sweetening power than sugar, honey or maple syrup. Therefore it is unlikely to dominate the taste of other foods, they can be used to sweeten hot drinks and baked goods, bread, pancakes and desserts.

Rice malt syrup is prepared by traditional procedures for obtaining malt from cereal grains, having a rich aroma and bringing a good balance between maltose and complex sugars. The method involves sprouting rice to release a full range of digestive enzymes that break down both starch (into sweeter-tasting natural sugars) and cereal proteins and lipids.

By contrast, most cereal syrups today are made using enzymes produced in the laboratory, which quickly and advantageously convert wheat starch into simple sugars. However, the range of enzymes involved in these processes is limited, their activity targeting only starch and the resulting syrup has a light and quite sweet taste.

Although the yields of traditional malt production processes may be lower than those of processes using laboratory enzymes, the wider range of enzymatic activities involved in them give a stronger flavor and may provide better digestibility.

For this reason, Clearspring offers cereal syrups made by the traditional method of obtaining malt, slower. It is as if we choose a piece of bread, prepared with natural dough, to the detriment of a faster one, using commercial yeast.

Ingredients: rice * 72%, sprouted barley *, water. * from organic crops.

How to use: rice malt syrup can be used as a sweetener for hot drinks, various dishes or pastries, as a topping or spread on bread.

Store in a cool, dry place, and after unsealing in the refrigerator.

Gluten-free, wheat-free and dairy products,

Country of origin: Belgium.

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