Lumanari chakra

Oriental cultures with a history of thousands of years - like any important culture - try to link the relationships between the universe they know, living beings and inanimate things, through their own point of view. To understand these relationships, complicated systems and theories have been created. One such theory (or rather, philosophy) is the chakra system. We mention that there are several variants and countless individual interpretations of the chakra system. We don't even consider that we should choose strictly one option.

In general, we can say that chakras are the distinct points of the bundles of energy (bunch of energies) that enter and leave the body. According to theories, energy activity is most intense at the seven main chakra points. The beneficial influence of energy tributaries at the main chakra points (energy harmonization) is possible through several methods. For example: through the energy of a qualified healer, through the energy of special minerals, through the effects of some essential oils, through the use of colors, sounds, etc.

One such means, which offers the possibility of developing strong positive effects, is the colored chakra candle, impregnated with essential oils. So a candle of the same color with a given chakra point can be a means with an invigorating multiple effect. Fire, the ancient helical spiral line, the essential oils, the power of colors, can unite in a homogeneous beneficial effect.

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