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Passata Clearspring Tomato Sauce - sun-baked tomatoes, finely mashed. The ideal base for sauces! Ingredients: 100% tomatoes *. * from organic farming / Demeter. Gluten-free and sugar-free vegan product.

Biodynamic agriculture implies the observance of the principles of anthroposophy in the cultivation and production of food, in the care of animals and the landscape. It was founded in the 1920s by a community of German farmers who asked Rudolf Steiner for spiritual and scientific views for the application of agriculture, as opposed to those offered by materialist science that had introduced chemical fertilizers, which were thought to cause degradation. nutritional properties of food. In Germany and other European countries, these products are currently marketed under the Demeter logo, which also involves ecological forms of pest control and opposition to genetically modified foods.

Nutritional values UM / 100 g
Energy kJ 142
kcal 34
lipids g 0.3
saturated fatty acids g 0
carbohydrates g 3.4
sugars g 3.4
protein g 1.6
Salt g 0.02

Contains sugars naturally present in the ingredients.
Produced / Cultivated in Italy.
Country of origin: England.

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