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Propolizer ME100

Propolizer ME100


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User manual:

Please read all instructions for use carefully and keep them with the appliance in its original packaging at all times.

The piston nebulizer is one of the most effective devices in maintaining the functions of the respiratory system. The plunger system can be used safely together with most prescribed medications being an effective aid. Due to its qualities, the device is part of the professional category. It is easy to use at home. Device It is designed in compliance with European manufacturing standards and the safety of electro-medical devices. (Standard EN60601-1, EN13544-1)


· The device is only used for respiratory problems, as recommended. Used for other purposes it is dangerous and inappropriate.

· The manufacturer is not responsible for any damage due to improper use.

· The machine should not be used with flammable anesthetics, combined with air, pure oxygen or nitrogen oxide.

· Interference caused by television, radio, etc. may affect the operation of the appliance. If malfunctions occur, remove the device from the source until you notice that the effects disappear or you can use another outlet.

· Do not use extension cords or adapters when using the appliance. The cable must be desired to avoid overheating. It should also be placed so as to avoid very hot surfaces. Do not touch the cord if your hands are wet or while taking a shower / bath.

· After use disconnect the appliance from the mains.

· The appliance must never come into contact with water. If this still happens, unplug the appliance cord and do not touch it until it is turned off. After removing it from the water, do not use it immediately, but contact the authorized representative, , 0264-406405.

· For any other type of problem, contact your authorized representative for guidance.

· Make sure the appliance is well placed and out of the reach of children.

Children and the disabled may use the appliance only in the presence of an adult who has carefully read the instructions for use. The appliance and its components, kept in the original packaging must be protected from children under 3 years of age because it contains pieces that can be swallowed.

The device is designed for home use and does not require a prescription, so handle it carefully and follow the instructions carefully before use. If you need more information, contact the manufacturer or your authorized representative in your area.




Preparation before use of the Me 100 Piston Nebulizer

· Make sure the appliance is clean before use.

· Place the appliance on a flat surface near an electrical outlet on the back of the appliance.

· Remove the cable from its plastic packaging.

· Take the plastic hose and connect it to the outlet above the appliance and attach the other end of the hose to the bottom of the device.

· Fill the compartment with the active substance taking into account the level indicator.

· Replace the top section - the compartment cover, secure it by ticking clockwise.

· Assemble the chosen component, mask or mouthpiece, to the upper unit of the compartment.


Now your device is ready for use.


Aerosol Therapy:

· Plug in the appliance.

· Press the power button.

· Start treatment and continue as long as it produces vapors.

· Careful! The presence of a small amount of residual substance in the compartment it is normal.


After using the device:

· Switch off the appliance by switching the knob to 0.

· Unplug from the outlet.

· Disconnect the cable from the appliance.

· Detach the accessories from the active substance compartment.

· Detach the hose from the appliance.

· Wipe the accessories and the compartment following the instructions.


Standard accessory kit:

1. Adult mask

2. Children's mask

3. Mouthpiece

4.Flexible tube

5.Air filter

6.Compartment for active substances


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