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Through introduction new generations of appliances, EZIDRI FD 1000 DIGITAL, from Hydraflow INDUSTRIES LIMITED introduced on the market a family of products which surpass any other product existing in the field , so far. No other uscăto r has not those technologies, specific century 21 , with which can produce with ease food dry of quality superior nutrition, tasty, nutritious and WITHOUT USE AREA OF PRESERVATIVES OR additive with the help of high- performance technology .

Device in the itself It is friendly User, temperature it may be adjust of to 30 degrees C to 70 degrees C with the help of their buttons by repeated touch , being indicated by a clear , visible display . Also, it can regulate the operating time of the machine, from one hour to 48 or E, and after 48 hours automatically switch on at 30 degrees C, and is equipped with a program m of anti - hydration, the dried product is impossible to rehydrate with moisture in the air.

Technical parameters

Drying uniform as precise course, the whole of a microprocessor is a PLD (Program Logic Device mmable) EZIDRI technical solution, that is to say with a stream of drying air heated at the floor and in the floor surface and the openings for air at the end of recir with etajelo r lari, making it possible to expand the capacity of the radiator and the material 30 floors. Thus EZIDRI FD 1000 DIGITAL has technical properties that allow fast, uniform drying with minimum energy consumption.

EZIDRI FD 1000 DIGITAL is the most economical dryer available on the market because the materials used in its manufacture are of exceptional quality, and the strictest quality standards are observed in the manufacturing process. This model has a 24-month warranty period.

EZIDRI FD 1000 DIGITAL consists of: a base , 5 floors, a sieve, an inner flat tray and the lid. The package also contains the user manual in Romanian. For drying rolls of fruit, meat and soups the maximum recommended number of trays is 15. If we dry fruits, vegetables and slices of meat then a maximum of 25 floors is recommended , and for medicinal plants, herbs, flowers can be uses 30 floors . This does not mean that it cannot be dried regularly on 30 floors, only that the drying will not be perfectly uniform on the last floors .

As this model is equipped with an electronic thermostat, the average energy consumption per hour, in an average drying cycle of 12 hours, corresponds to half the nominal power of the appliance in the case of EZIDRI FD 1000 DIGITAL. Hence , it is more economical to dry several food trays simultaneously, even though the appliance works with a single tray, but the energy consumption is the same in both cases. In the event of a power failure: after the power failure, the EZIDRI ULTRA FD 1000 resumes its previously set cycle.

FLOORS: a layer of approx. 0.5 cm of what we want to dry can be placed on the floor. Then sits on Ste base of the appliance first floor containing a tray payment Interio r, to prevent entry into the apparatus of liquids or pieces of food that we want to uscam, then sits floors, each other and cover at the end with the lid.

FLEXIBLE SIEVE: The sieve can be placed on the floor and due to its flexibility, dry and hardened food can be easily removed. We also recommend using the sieve if you want to dry food cut so small that there is a danger of the chips slipping through the bars .

FLAT TRAY: this is used to prepare fruit rolls , dried meats and soups or juicy fruits. Before use, grease them in a very thin layer with oil , so as to allow the dried fruit to come off the flat tray very easily . It is also recommended to place a tray on the floor when drying marinated meats, when drying medicinal plants, spices and small flowers or with small petals . To dry very juicy fruits, it is recommended to use them to prevent liquids from leaking into the engine compartment, which can cause it to burn.


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