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What are the features and benefits of the Nano-b antibacterial toothbrush with Silver?

  • pure silver nanometric particles destroy up to 99.99% of all bacteria
  • the rounded ends of the bristles are soft with the gums and tooth enamel
  • they have a double structure of layers of hair , in order to perfectly clean the bacterial plaque even in hard to reach places
  • ensures a fresher breath by removing the bacterial plaque
  • turns brushing your teeth into an excellent sensory experience , thanks to its minimalist, modern and clean design
  • ideal for people who have sensitive teeth and bleeding gums
  • modern handle available in several crystal colors: white, pink, blue, green
  • easy to take on trips , being accompanied by an elegant transparent case
  • prolonged use for 6 months, due to the self-sterilizing property
  • suitable for adults, teenagers and children from the age of 4
  • 99.99% pure silver - each Nano-b toothbrush benefits from the antibacterial properties of silver. The brushes of the Nano-b brush with silver are impregnated during the manufacturing process with silver ions, which are part of the structure of the brush wires and which are not released when brushing. So the Nano-b toothbrush is not an "ionic toothbrush", but silver ions are part of the toothbrush structure, as explained above.
  • The brushes self-sterilize in 6 hours against over 650 types of bacteria and viruses , including staphylococci, streptococci, salmonella and E. coli. Surely your toothbrush will be clean every time you use it!
  • The individually rounded ends of the brush strands are gentle with the most sensitive gums and tooth enamel. Most regular toothbrushes have hard, sharp brushes and can cause a multitude of micro-wounds. Nano-b gently polishes your teeth, cleans your cheeks and protects your beautiful smile.
  • Double bristle structure - very fine BPA - free brushes only 0.18 mm thick and longer than the toothbrush penetrate hard to reach places, acting like dental floss, and the remaining 800 shorter and firmer bristles thoroughly clean the surface of the teeth. . The Nano-b silver toothbrush is not a " bio toothbrush" or a "natural toothbrush", but it is a toothbrush made of the latest materials, of the best quality and which has only effects. positive for daily dental hygiene and for health in general.

How to use Nano-b toothbrush with Silver?

Nano-b antibacterial toothbrush with silver is moistened with water and used together with your favorite toothpaste. The correct brushing technique is the technique recommended by the dentist. For good oral hygiene and iron health, brushing your teeth will be done at least twice a day, at least two minutes.

What to choose: Nano-b antibacterial toothbrush, with Gold and Charcoal made of bamboo, Nano-b antibacterial toothbrush, with silver or Novacare antibacterial toothbrush with silver, for children?

The Nano-b antibacterial toothbrush, with gold and bamboo charcoal, is the most suitable for you if you want a more vigorous brushing, but which protects the tooth enamel, and you do not have sensitivity to brushing . Choose the brush with gold and bamboo charcoal and if you wear braces ! It is a medium but slightly abrasive manual toothbrush for daily dental hygiene . Cleans teeth very well. Cleans teeth stains for those who smoke or drink colored drinks (tea, coffee , etc.), so it can be considered a toothbrush suitable for smokers.

For sensitive gums and teeth, gingival inflammation or periodontal disease, we recommend Nano-b silver toothbrush , which has antibacterial properties similar to Nano-b toothbrush with gold and bamboo charcoal, but is finer to brush and is suitable and children over 4 years of age.

Novacare antibacterial toothbrush with silver for children with super-soft bristles is the most suitable for baby teeth and fine gums, starting with the first tooth. So the toothbrush can be used by babies with their first tooth, but also by children as young as 1 year old. It is recommended to use this toothbrush until the age of 5, depending on the child's physical development. At the age of 4-5 years can start using the toothbrush with silver nano-b.

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