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What does this cooking machine know?

· It has multiple functions: boiling, baking, steam cooking

· Operation is commanded and controlled by a microcomputer

· Each function can be programmed in advance

· It has a high thermal tightness, so the energy saving can reach 60% (compared to the stove) and saves 40% of user time.

· Food is prepared in a completely closed system, so the nutritional value of raw materials is preserved

· The pot has a ceramic inner container in its basic configuration, which makes maintenance easier, and the outer body is made of stainless steel.

· Equipped with a system of maximum confidence:

· The lid locking and opening latch is designed so that it cannot be removed while there is pressure in the container.

· The pressure in the pot is adjusted automatically

· The safety valve in case the maximum permissible pressure value is reached and the pot is disconnected from the supply, so by reducing the heating the pressure can no longer be influenced, it allows the pressure to be regulated by removing steam.

· Removing steam from the edge of the pot is an additional safety measure, which prevents with absolute certainty the "explosion" of the pot. If neither the pressure couplings nor the valve are working (this becomes possible after an undesired drain on the hob and under the hob or an impermissible blockage of the outside of the valve). The steam will come out at the edge of the lid, all around the perimeter, reducing the pressure and protecting the pot.

· Maximum temperature sensor, which instantly interrupts operation if the inner pot is accidentally emptied or this container is not placed in the appliance at all. In these cases the system becomes overheated and the sensor protects it from possible permanent damage if extreme heat reaches the electronic and plastic parts.

· Automatic control of overheating.


Efficient and comfortable, it gives us the opportunity to cook fresh food daily in a very short time!

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